About Caraway

History The Persian cumin called in Latin as ‘meridian fennel’ is one of the most famous medicinal seeds. It originates from French cumin borrowed from Arabic Kammon. Arabs got it from Spanish Comino. Iran has played a major role in producing the seed. In archeological searches in ‘Shahr Sookhteh’ in Zabol, it became clear that[…]

About Dates

History   No date has been found for the main place where date growing began. Existing evidences get us back to 4000 BC in a place situated in the south of today’s Iraq. Some ancient sources mentioning palm trees have been discovered in Egypt. A common view asserts that the most primitive palm growing starts[…]

About Pistachio

History The modern pistachio nut was first selected from wild Pistacia vera trees native to central Asia. The initial selection and improvement was first undertaken in the era of the Persian Empire which spanned from Eastern Mediterranean to central Asia. Ever since, pistachios have been an important crop in cooler parts of Iranian plateau. Pistachio cultivation[…]