About Hollyhock/Marsh mallow

Althaea officinalis is a perennial wild plant genus in the order of Malvales.  The flower, the root and the seed have medicinal uses. The plant which brings flower of red, pink and white colors, used as drug coatings, may reach a height of 2 meters. This genus contains 200-220 eudicots species.


It is the native plant of east Mediterranean regions. It is a weed plant with a life span of several years. The stem is covered with fine gray hair. The leaves are dented, broad and heart-shaped. The large flowers are in reddish white or purplish which appear in triple groups in the end of summer. It is grown as a decorative plant because of its beautiful flowers. All parts of the plant have medicinal use.

Chemical contents

Althaea officinalis  has a lot of mucus and mucilage. It contains starchy ingredients, fat, flavoring, Anthocyanin, Altheine, Dioxybenzoic Acid and Cyanidine.


The flower of this plant is used for the treatment of aspiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and coughing. In rare asthma cases, the powdered form of the plant added to honey is quite effective. The plant also cures lung infections.  The flower has medicinal use to resolve conjunctivitis.

Direction for preparation

Brewed flower

Add 20 grams of dried flower to 1 liter boiled water and let it get cold. Add sugar or honey and drink.

Eye-wash liquid

Put ½ gram of dried flower into 150 grams water and let it boil for 5 minutes. Wait till it gets cold. Add 5 drops of Alcohol Camphe.